A meeting of two different generations

«We are having fun while making art» – that was how singer Yiannis Kotsiras described this season’s entertainment program at the Votanikos Club, where he just embarked on joint performances with veteran vocalist Haris Alexiou. His statement might raise concerns about the definition of making art, given the quality of entertainment programs at other clubs, but it is appropriate in the case of the Votanikos. «I took the initiative after a long time,» said Alexiou, pointing out her contribution to the performance. One could describe the show as the meeting of two vocalists who belong to different generations of Greek singing. Alexiou’s timing is very good: Her recently released album «Os Tin Akri tou Ouranou» has already gone platinum, as she learned at the press conference. It is clear that her career has been given a boost. Her new songs are proving to be popular; people seem to listen and dance to them a lot. She also seems to enjoy being in touch with a wider audience. Kotsiras, one of young Greeks’ favorite singers but also a hit with people of different ages, is the ideal link to an audience that is not well acquainted with Alexiou’s work. Each interpreter will sing their own hits, yet the program’s main attraction is their «incredible duets,» as Alexiou put it. During most of the show they sing together, trying to add a new flavor to well-known and much-loved songs. Three young vocalists perform before them: Tania Nasibian, Zoi Papadopoulou and Stathis Yiannakopoulos. The Votanikos Club is more like a traditional venue for contemporary Greek song instead of just a concert venue, what with its spread-out tables and fancy design. Its prices, however, are rather reasonable, compared to other outrageous examples of Athenian clubbing (170 euros for four people, 15 euros with a drink at the bar). The show starts at 10.30 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays, 9 p.m. Sundays.