A Greek art exhibition and a lecture by Ion Vorres at the Hellenic Center in London

An exhibition of Greek artists from the Vorres Museum collection titled «Realism and Humor in Modern Greek Art» at London’s Hellenic Center was a great success. Today is the last day of the show, although it will be talked about for some time to come, judging by the enthusiastic reception it received from London’s Greek community, whether officials or otherwise. Twenty-three paintings decked the walls of the Hellenic Center’s large hall, where Ion Vorres, president of the Vorres Museum, gave his lecture, accompanied by Giorgos Vorres. The main sponsor was the Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation with the support of the center, under the auspices of the Greek Culture Ministry. The exhibition was coordinated by Ioanna Rapti-Tsatsou of the Hellenic Center. Vorres’s lecture, characterized by his familiar humor, focused on the theme of his life’s work at the museum over 40 years, comparing it to the struggle against the Lernaian Hydra. He illustrated his lecture with slides of the buildings, gardens and art collections at the Paeania site. The lecture and exhibition were attended by many art lovers, both Greeks and Londoners. Officials in attendance included the Greek Consul General Alexis Hadzimichalis, an artist himself, press attache Thomas Thomopoulos and his Cypriot counterpart in London, Sotiris Georgalis. Bishop Theodoritos of London’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral Aghia Sophia was there, along with Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith and his wife Lady Colette, Lady Gwen Dartmouth and Lady Jane Sutherland, who knew Vorres in Athens. Others included Maro Marinopoulou, the sculptor Natalia Mela, Edmee Leventis, Georgios Tsatsos, Angeliki Kouloukounti, the sculptor Dimitris Economou and the world-famous painter Nicholas Egon. Another visitor to the exhibition was the former king of Greece, Constantine and his wife Anna Maria, and the shipowner Dinos Goulandris.