Too much ado about very little

«Tiny Snowflakes,» an Iranian film by Alireza Amini, clearly won the public’s attention. By contrast, the little scandal over the erotic scene in «Brown Bunny» does not seem to have bothered audiences much, since, in order to reach the controversial 10-minute scene, they would have to sit through 80 minutes of Vincent Gallo driving around in a display of narcissism. «A Nation Without Women,» an Indian entry by Manish Jha, is beautifully directed but the point it tries to make – that society is impossible without women – is made with great hyperbole and aggressively. The film tells the story of a young girl who is forced into marrying five brothers simultaneously in a village that is without women. The boys’ widowed father has paid a large sum of money to buy the bride and expects to exercise conjugal rights as well. In a few words, sex is the driving force behind the rift in the family, which leads to the repeated rape of the girl.