Internet guide to museums

In the past, people planning to take a trip to a European city and wondering what exhibitions they would be able to visit, would usually either buy a foreign newspaper or a specialized magazine. During the past few years, however, the Internet has become the best means of acquiring such information and as of last September a new website,, has made things even simpler. The website contains useful information for over 100 museums situated in 14 European countries. Astrid Mueller, representing the Institute for Museum Studies of the Berlin State Museums, was recently in Athens to present the new website and to announce the participation of the Byzantine and Christian Museum in the site – it is the first Greek museum to participate and its director, Dimitrios Constantios, announced that he is in contact with the directors of other Greek foundations currently considering joining the site. The website was designed in 2001 by a team that included the participation of museums, such as the National Gallery in London, the Louvre in Paris and others. It contains detailed information which is constantly updated about temporary exhibitions on display throughout Europe, as well as general information about the museums hosting the exhibitions. It also provides direct links to the museums’s own websites and gives users information about each museum’s history and permanent collections in both the language of the country in question and in English. Finally, the website provides useful electronic information sources, such as digital photographic archives.