The Museum of the City of Athens

The Museum of the City of Athens was founded by the politician Lambros Eutaxias in the early 1970s and opened to the public in 1980. Eutaxias was a keen collector of art, objects and documents related to the history of Athens from the times of Frankish rule until modern times. This collection forms the main body of the museum’s holdings and was subsequently enriched by various donations and purchases. Among its most important exhibits is the genre painting «The Carnival of Athens,» by the late 19th century painter Nikolas Gyzis, on display at the museum as a permanent loan from the Bavarian Collections of Pictures of Munich. The museum is housed in two adjacent, interconnected historical buildings on Klafthmonos Square. The oldest of the two was the property of Stamatios Decozis Vouros from 1836-1843 and originally served as the residence of the country’s first royal couple. An interior bridge connects it to the next building, which was designed by the architect Gerasimos Metaxas in 1859 and includes rooms with original furnishings, antiques and objects related to the development of Athens after independence. It is open Wednesdays-Mondays 10 a.m – 2 p.m.