Voice of ‘Twin Peaks’ comes to Greece for two performances

Singer, musician, composer and actress, Julee Cruise’s captivating voice runs through the films of David Lynch. The multifaceted artist here talks to Kathimerini, a few days before coming to Greece for two live performances. Having studied classical music and French horn, you also collaborate with artists coming from the electronic music scene. Do you believe that computers will change the way we read and make music? I’m interested in all kinds of music. Just imagine if there were no electric guitar. From what I can see, today’s kids have a more developed sense of rhythm. That’s because they listen to hip-hop. Music is developing and electronic sounds blend in beautifully with acoustic instruments. But – and I’d like to stress this – we must trust our ears more than computer graphics. You are known as a soundtrack singer. Do you treat film music and music for a concert or an album differently? There is no difference when it comes to interpretation. Usually, I don’t even know how the songs will be used. I think the fact that some of them were used in soundtracks was purely a matter of luck; perhaps due to the fact that I’m always surrounded by splendid colleagues, or possibly because I’m also an actress. You also did really well singing alongside the B-52s, with their cabaret style. I love them! I had some of the best moments of my life with them. But I believe that there is the same cabaret style in my collaboration with Khan – the B-52s are like a cartoon! With Khan, I co-write the music and enjoy complete freedom. He urged me to interpret the songs exactly the way I wanted to and to trust my instinct. When I’m singing, I interpret a role and no one knows who I am besides a few friends – Khan is one of them. The B-52s are very good friends and Khan is my family – a family I chose. What are you singing in Greece? All I can say is that Khan, Kid Congo Powers and I will entertain you. The show will work on many levels: comedy, shock, darkness, beauty, rock, electronica, classical music, classic Julee Cruise, renewed Khan, renewed Congo Powers and renewed Julee. I guarantee you’ll have a good time. What do you do in your spare time? I adore my dogs – one of them passed away recently and I’m still sad. I love trees and I own a country house in the woods outside the city – though even there I’m in full makeup and mobile phone in hand. Most of all, though, I enjoy shopping: I buy gifts for my mother, my husband, and, above all, for myself. You must think I’m a shallow person, right? I read somewhere that David Lynch was the epitome of the postmodern director. Any comments on this view? What exactly is postmodern? David Lynch’s style does not fit into any category and can’t be copied by anybody else. Singer, actress, composer or musician? Which of these roles do you prefer? I don’t mind – provided that I’m constantly on stage. That’s where I live. I got up there when I was 4 and never came down again. Recording is tiresome, unless I’m in the studio with Khan, laughing a lot. You sang at the opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympics. Would you like to do the same during the Athens Games? I didn’t actually sing in Barcelona, they simply used «Friends for Life,» a song from my second album, for the ceremony. It was a great honor. I was in Barcelona with Bobby McFerrin this summer and we had a great time. Athens is wonderful too. The monuments are fantastic, the people are warm and friendly and I couldn’t stop eating the food. As for the Olympics, I haven’t received any kind of invitation and huge crowds make me nervous. You wrote a commentary on Michael Jackson, calling him «disturbed.» I’m neither a judge nor a member of a jury. I also feel sorry for Madonna, who can’t enjoy her private life. Or even Mariah Carey, who, after having sold 20 million albums, was considered a failure. It’s hard when you’re obliged to be somebody you’re not. My value as an artist does not depend on market forces, I’m talking to a much smaller audience, one which embraces me with great warmth. You live in New York. Are you afraid following the events of 9/11? I’m a New Yorker, and over here, we are scared of nothing. We get over everything so quickly. In any case, hatred has always been around, here, as much as in the rest of the world. Every person, however, has the right to feel insecure… The interview was translated from the Greek text. A life on stage Born in Creston, Iowa, Julee Cruise was considered a child prodigy. She studied the French horn at Drake University and played with various symphonic orchestras. At the same time, she collaborated with the celebrated Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. While performing in a musical in New York, she met Angelo Badalamenti, who used her voice in David Lynch’s «Blue Velvet» soundtrack. The Lynch-Badalamenti-Cruise trio went on to create the «Industrial Symphony No. 1» performance, staged at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. They also recorded the «Floating into the Night» album and continued working together in «Twin Peaks,» in which Cruise also had a role. Cruise’s voice was also heard in Wim Wenders’s «Until the End of the World,» and the thriller «Scream.» For a while she replaced Cindy Wilson of the B-52s, performing with the band as Bill Clinton’s guests at the White House. Currently, she is collaborating with Turkish-Finnish electronic music composer Khan as well as Kid Congo Powers – guitarist of the Cramps as well as a member of Nick Cave’s band. All three artists appear in Thessaloniki tomorrow (Fix Club, 15 28th October) and in Athens on Saturday (Gagarin 205, 205 Liosion, Attiki Square).

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