Sunday 8/2

FILM: Gone With the Wind The brave Scarlett O’Hara can deal with almost anything in the midst of the US Civil War, even losing her beloved Tara, but she cannot deal with losing her beloved to another woman. Classic, epic romantic drama starring Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard and Clark Gable. (Star-21.00) FILM: Flipper Sent to spend the summer with his uncle, cranky teen Sandy finally finds a friend and adventure in a clever dolphin named Flipper. Family adventure starring Elijah Wood, Paul Hogan and Jonathan Banks. (Antenna-14.40) FILM: Shoot to Kill A seasoned FBI agent and a reluctant mountain man join forces to track down a dangerous extortionist and killer in the wilderness. Crime adventure starring Sidney Poitier, Tom Berenger and Kirstie Alley. (Mega-22.30) FILM: Boogie Nights An aspiring young actor becomes sucked into the lifestyle and relationships of the California porn industry of the late 1970s. Drama directed by P.T. Anderson, starring Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds and Julianne Moore. (Alter-1.00)