Marion Cotillard’s double bill

Suddenly, out of nowhere, 28-year-old Marion Cotillard has become a major cinematic figure. In Yann Samuell’s «Jeux d’Enfants» (already playing at local cinemas) she interprets the role of Sophie, a young woman experiencing everlasting love with Julien (Guillaume Canet) – the two constantly challenging each other with risky games. The actress also stars in Tim Burton’s «Big Fish» – a film to be released this Friday. Raised in an artistic environment (her entire family is part of the same theater troupe), the actress recently spoke with Kathimerini. Did «Jeux d’Enfants» influence your faith in reckless love? The film taught me that you have to live things to the fullest and be able to express your emotions. If you don’t want to get into the box that society has prepared for you, then don’t. But you should always tell others that you love them. I really believe that crazy love exists. Besides, there are so many crazy things in the world. What happened with the film’s game box? Did you use it for off-set challenges? We didn’t use the same box… but we were all playing silly games – all the actors and crew members. The place was like a playground. As soon as anything strange happened, we figured that somebody had challenged somebody else. We were all very imaginative. It seems that the shooting was very demanding… We were thrilled all the time. When you’re on location, there are usually a few scenes you eagerly anticipate shooting. In this case, however, given Sophie and Julien’s wild characters, the schedule was exciting throughout. Some critics have compared the film to the magical spirit of «Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain.» Do you see any similarities? Some people compared the artistic worlds of both movies and that is an honor, but I think that’s where comparisons end. The two stories are very different and cinema is about stories. As far as the imagery is concerned, prior to «Amelie» there was «Toto le Heros» from Belgium, while in the US, this genre has been explored by directors such as Tim Burton. You worked with Burton in «Big Fish.» How did you feel being a member of a Hollywood production? Tim Burton is a very special director. His world is a very personal one, it doesn’t resemble anyone else’s. So I didn’t really feel part of the great Hollywood machine, just somebody in a Burton film. I found my place immediately, because everything was presented on a human scale. Similar to Samuell and Jean-Pierre Jeunet [the director of «Le Fabuleux Destin d’ Amelie Poulain» and the upcoming «Very Long Engagement,» in which Cotillard stars alongside Jodie Foster], Burton has a very peculiar notion of reality. That is why I’m so attracted to their world – I recognize myself in it. Are you pursuing an international career? What I’m after is meeting interesting people and telling beautiful and interesting stories. There are beautiful and interesting people all over the world. I don’t see any boundaries inside me, and, therefore, I don’t see them on the outside either.