ELEPAP charity’s annual dance at the Hotel Grande Bretagne

“As you all know, a much-loved member of my family has motor difficulties. Throughout my whole life, I have watched that person dealing with that problem,» said Athens Mayor Dora Bakoyannis at the annual dance in aid of the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP), founded in 1937. «We have learnt a great deal about the work of ELEPAP and we have a lot more to learn and to implement in the Municipality of Athens,» continued Bakoyannis, who had a red feather pinned to her black-and-white evening gown. Black, white and red were the designated colors for the guests’ evening gowns at the charity event that gathered together prominent members of Athens’s business and professional circles responding to the invitation by ELEPAP’s able president, Mary Karella-Diamantopoulou, who succeeded her late father in the post. She was the gracious hostess of the evening, accompanied by her husband Dr Giorgos Diamantopoulos and her son Nellos Kanellopoulos. The Grande Bretagne made its glittering Grand Ballroom available on favorable terms for the occasion. It was prepared by the organizing committee with imagination, inspiration and good taste, the tables decorated with flowers and Venetian carnival masks. White candles and red candelabra created a cosmopolitan atmosphere and the dancing lasted until the small hours. The organizing committee – Maria Doxiadi, Evgenia Kaloyianni, Katerina Lanara-Sarantopoulou, Angela Plakopita, Kiki Dimitrakopoulou and Marios Kalafatis – are to be congratulated, as is the sponsor, Martini. The evening’s success was completed by the generous raffle and an auction of jewelry by Swarovski. Bids were taken by journalist Olga Tremi, with the help of an expert, Terpsichore Angelopoulou. Giorgos Kovas, Nikos Vernikos, Dimitris Kontominas, Panos Drakos, and Panos Marinopoulos did the cause proud. The Smart car donated by Jenny Balatsinou was won by Dimitra Philippou, who said she would keep the car for luck, but would donate its value to ELEPAP, to warm applause. Much fun was had by all, perhaps because there were no politicians present, and the food was of the standard expected from the Grande Bretagne. The gowns were wonderful, particularly the all-white worn by Donda Voridi.