Sunday 23/5

FILM: In the Beginning Biblical tales from the books of Genesis and Exodus, including the stories of Abraham’s devotion and Joseph’s betrayal. Starring Martin Landau, Jacqueline Bisset and Bill Campbell. (Star-21.00) FILM: The Object of My Affection Nina is pregnant with jealous Vince’s baby, but is starting to fall in love with housemate George, but George is gay and Nina knows she must make a choice. Romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd and Kali Rocha. (Antenna-14.40) FILM: Golden Child An investigator whose specialty is finding missing children is assigned to find a mysterious boy who is said to have strange spiritual powers. Adventure comedy starring Eddie Murphy, J.L. Reate and Charles Dance. (ET-1-17.00) FILM: Regarding Henry When lawyer Henry recovers from a near-lethal shooting he can’t remember anything of his past life, but perhaps that’s best as it turns out that quite a few people couldn’t stand the old Henry. Drama starring Harrison Ford, Annette Bening and Rebecca Miller. (NET-19.00)