Saturday 22/5

FILM: Men in Black The Men in Black, a special force policing the aliens living in New York City, must protect the world when a militant group threatens to blow up the metropolis. Science-fiction adventure comedy starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith and Linda Fiorentino. (Mega-18.00) FILM: Addicted to Love Maggie and Sam feel threatened when their ex-partners fall for one another and set out to tear apart the perfectly happy couple. Romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan, Matthew Broderick, Kelly Preston and Lee Wilkof. (Star-22.30) FILM: La Notte The relationship between a successful writer and his frustrated wife comes to a head the morning after their friend passes away in hospital. Italian drama directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, starring Marcello Mastroianni and Jeanne Moreau. (ET-1-24.00) FILM: The Paper Workaholic journalist Henry Hackett is torn between the life with fast-breaking news and domestic bliss with his pregnant wife, when a hot story hits the headlines and he has to confront the boss, who wants the truth buried. Comedy drama starring Michael Keaton, Glenn Close, Robert Duvall and Marisa Tomei. (NET-1.15)