Ithaca; and a new best seller

The January-February issue of Ithaca highlights the major annual literary prizes in Greece – the state literary awards and the prizes awarded by the literary journal Diavazo. An unsigned article presents the winners in all categories of both prizes, noting that the winners gain a high media profile and increased sales, which improve their prospects of translation into other languages and a wider career abroad. Katerina Schina continues her valuable profiles of leading Greek writers in the personalities section. This time she traces the literary career and turbulent personal life of novelist Cosmas Politis. Michel Fais interviews novelist Aristides Antonas about his work, Neni Efthymiadi imagines herself as «another woman» on a visit to Toronto, and the regular review section presents the latest titles in fiction, poetry, politics, children’s literature and gastronomy. Ithaca is published every two months by the National Book Center of Greece (EKEBI). Best seller Greek-born, UK-based writer Panos Karnezis is having a huge success with his latest book, «The Maze,» published in Greece by Ellinika Grammata, which has been released in 10 languages. Originally published in English by Jonathan Cape, the novel came out a month ago in Greece in the author’s own translation. Since then it has sold more than 13,000 copies, an exceptional number for the Greek market. Set in Asia Minor in 1922 after the defeat of the Greek expeditionary force, «The Maze» showcases Karnezis’s talent as a spinner of stories that border on the surreal and the creator of endearing, all-too-human characters, which first brought its author fame with his short-story collection «Little Infamies,» in 2002.