Posidonia shipping exhibition comes to Kathimerini

At Kathimerini’s headquarters overlooking the sea in Neo Faliron, its chairman, Aristides Alafouzos, gave a reception to mark the opening of the international shipping exhibition «Posidonia 2004,» of which one of this year’s sponsors is Kathimerini subsidiary Argonaut. The list of distinguished guests included the chief executive of the Universal Shipbuilding Corporation, Takehiko Kamijo, and other company officials, the head of Marubeni, K. Ono, board member of Deutsche Schiffsbank Jurgen Bentlage, and representatives of Agip, Exxon and Petrobras, among many others. As the rest of the country watched the live televised debate between the political party leaders ahead of tomorrow’s European Parliament election, Kathimerini entertained its guests, who also included the legendary former executive editor of the Washington Post Ben Bradlee with his journalist-writer wife Sally Quinn and their 22-year-old son, who subsequently went on holiday on Crete and Santorini.