Sunday 13/6

FILM: Janek: The Silent Betrayal A street-wise New York police detective is called in to solve a series of gruesome murders and discovers the killer is hitting a bit too close to home. Crime thriller starring Richard Crenna, Helen Shaver and Philip Bosco. (Antenna-0.15) FILM: Scarred City A young cop becomes initiated into a ruthless team of vigilante officers who hunt down gangsters, but it seems he can’t stomach his new assignment when he spares the life of a girl caught in the crossfire and runs off with her. Crime thriller starring Stephen Baldwin, Chazz Palminteri and Tia Carrere. (Star-24.00) FILM: Under Suspicion When lawyer Henry Hurst tells his account of a murder to his friend Captain Victor, the savvy detective begins to pick holes in his cover story and it seems the lawyer may become the main suspect. Crime drama starring Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Monica Bellucci. (Mega-0.30) FILM: Ride to Freedom: The Rosa Parks Story The story of Rosa McCauley Parks, who in the USA in 1955 refused to obey the racial segregation laws and whose actions influenced the civil rights movement. Social drama starring Angela Bassett, Peter Francis James and Tonea Stewart. (ET-1-1.45)