Saturday 12/6

FILM: The Astronaut’s Wife An astronaut back from a strange and dangerous journey may be a hero to those around him, but his wife knows that something is very wrong and he may not be the same man she fell in love with. Science-fiction thriller starring Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron and Nick Cassavetes. (Star-22.30) FILM: The Boss’s Wife A stockbroker who is bored with his life, and his wife, gets himself into a lot of hot water when he begins an affair with the sexy, seductive wife of his boss. Comedy starring Christopher Plummer, Daniel Stern and Arielle Dombasle. (Mega-11.00) FILM: The Borrowers The little people who live under the floorboards of every house and are responsible for all those lost items, team up with a real boy to save their home from being destroyed. Fiction comedy adventure starring John Goodman, Mark Williams and Jim Broadbent. (Star-17.30) FILM: Walking Across Egypt A lonely, aging woman in America’s south takes in an orphaned delinquent because she wants to show him a different way of life, but the road to goodness is strewn with obstacles for both. Social drama starring Ellen Burnstyn, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Mark Hamill. (NET-1.15)