‘Another Greece’ inherits Greek library

The family of former President Constantinos Tsatsos (1899-1987) has donated his library to «another Greece,» the Center for Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies in Granada, a foundation directed by Professor Moschos Morfakidis. At the ceremony to sign over the donation, the family was represented by the former president’s daughter Despina Milona Tsatsou. Also present were the Greek Ambassador to Madrid Aristides Agathoklis, the Dean of the University of Granada David Aguilar Pipena, and Giorgos Orfanidis, former diplomatic representative of Princess Irene, who offered a scholarship to the university that will go to a student studying Greek topics. Morfakidis announced that the foundation’s priorities include the study and translation of the works of Tsatsos, who was professor of the philosophy of law at Athens University, an executive of Kathimerini for many years, and president of Greece from 1974 to 1980. The library was donated in its entirety and is already on display in a fine room, where it is available to students, researchers and Greeks doing postgraduate studies at the University of Granada, which is one of the oldest in Europe, founded in 1531. «The fact that the center accepted the entire library and set it out exactly as my father had it, had a positive effect on the decision to make the donation,» said Despina Milona Tsatsou. The library includes books belonging to Tsatsos’s wife Ioanna, poet and sister of George Seferis, Greece’s first Nobel Prize winner. The Spanish press greeted the donation warmly as a gift from Greece to Spain, the home of Lorca.