Hollywood stars opt for low-key, Aegean vacation

Greece will have an influx of well-known foreign visitors over the following weeks and months, yet a visit by celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to such a small island as Antiparos cannot help but cause a sensation. Hanks is already on the small Cycladic island with his wife of Greek descent, Rita Wilson. And this despite the fact that his latest film «The Terminal» has just hit the theaters in the States. Hanks recently presented the Coen Brothers’ latest film «The Ladykillers» at the Cannes Festival. In «The Terminal,» directed by Steven Spielberg and co-starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hanks takes on the role of an immigrant who becomes «trapped» at JFK Airport in New York and is forced to live there for a number of months. Hanks and Wilson are frequent visitors to Greece and have a preference for the beaches of Cephalonia. Also spotted on the Aegean island was Billy Zane, of «Titanic» fame, who is also of Greek descent. According to sources, Brad Pitt, Achilles in the Hollywood epic «Troy,» is also in Antiparos, along with his wife Jennifer Aniston, another American of Greek descent. The most striking couple in Hollywood, according to the film industry, arrived in Greece at the same time that news agencies spread rumors that they are expecting their first child. As Aniston herself said in an interview with Kathimerini, a child is a high priority for her after the end of the television series «Friends,» in which she starred for 10 years. Despite the series going off the air, her work schedule remains tight. It has also been announced that Aniston will star in a film based on the life of war photographer Dickey Chappelle, who was killed in Vietnam.