Cosmopolis of peace and culture

They will sing, dance, go to the theater and attend a series of exhibitions. They will also eat well and sample a variety of flavors ranging from the local to the exotic. They are the visitors who will attend the events of the Fourth Cosmopolis Festival, organized by the Municipality of Kavala in the city’s historical district, the Panaghia, from tomorrow to Sunday. Instead of a «multifaceted» character which defines most of the festivals around the country, the Kavala Festival has a clear agenda. Boasting a record 45,000 visitors last year, organizers are optimistic about the festival’s present and future. Essentially, Cosmopolis is a gathering of cultures, where the key element is demonstrating the necessity of being different. This is accomplished through a joyful environment catering to all the senses, which includes art, entertainment, gastronomy and an overall sense of adventure. Participating in this year’s festivities are the following countries: Germany, India, Kenya, Korea, Russia and Serbia-Montenegro – the Greek representative is the island of Corfu. Among the featured musicians and bands are Rachid Taha, the Aragon Orchestra, Yuoga and Pantelis Thalassinos, among others, while various troupes will perform their countries’ traditional dances. At the same time, German, Indian, Kenyan and Corfiot chefs will prepare a plethora of dishes which the festival visitors will enjoy at the outdoor restaurant: pork and potatoes from Germany; vegetable biryani and chicken korma from India and pastitsada from Corfu included. Also part of this year’s events are screenings at the festival’s open-air cinema; performances by the Street Theater clown company; art exhibitions (including a show featuring ancient Greek toys) as well as various parties organized by the participating countries. During the festival, non-government organizations will be informing visitors on a variety of issues, while Corfiot singers will perform their serenades to lure visitors.