Ancient trilogy that wasn’t meant to be

Irene Pappas’s ambitious plan of presenting a three-language trilogy in Athens this summer wasn’t meant to be. She had been working on the project over the last few years: «The Trojan Women» in Spanish, «Hecuba» in Italian and «Agamemnon» in Greek. The world-renowned actress decided to cancel the production after the Spanish side withdrew last week. The entire plan was based on a three-country collaboration, established at Pappas’s initiative, for the development of a theater school in Spain (Seville), Italy (Rome) and Greece (currently under construction on Pireos Street in Athens). «The Trojan Women» was staged in Spanish three years ago, «Hecuba» went on stage last year in Rome – together with «The Trojan Women» – and both plays were supposed to be joined by a Greek-language «Agamemnon» in Athens this summer. All three plays featured set designs by architect Santiago Calatrava, music by Vangelis Papathanassiou and a rotating theater designed by architect Manos Perakis. The trilogy was also set to feature an internationally acclaimed cast, including Angela Molina (Hecuba in the Spanish version of «The Trojan Women») and Mariangela Melato (Hecuba in Italian). Giorgos Kimoulis was in charge of directing and interpreting the lead part of «Agamemnon.» The plan was initially at risk from the Greek side, given that former Minister of Culture Evangelos Venizelos could not manage to secure funds for the production. Following the elections, Pappas was assured that the project was going to be financed with 500,000 euros. «I asked for some of the money in advance in order to sign the contracts,» said Pappas to Kathimerini. «But I didn’t receive anything. This, as it turned, was only a small hurdle, compared to the one in Spain. I don’t understand what happened, what kind of infighting is going on between the parties there, but this is not the end of the story. Angela Molina is particularly angry and prepared to make a big fuss…» Pappas might be upset about a missed opportunity, but is far from losing her optimism. «It doesn’t matter, we will take it to Beijing in 2008!»