Sunday 1/8

FILM: The Double O Kid A computer-savvy teen with dreams of being a secret agent stumbles across a plot by evil hackers and sets out to defeat them. Family adventure starring Corey Haim, Brigitte Nielsen and Wallace Shawn. (Alpha-15.00) FILM: Striking Distance Tom breaks a family code when he speaks out against a cop he believes killed his father, also a cop, and is shunned by the police community even when a serial killer is on the loose. Crime thriller starring Bruce Willis, Dennis Farina and Sarah Jessica Parker. (Mega-21.00) FILM: The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells Disguised as a journalist, Ellen McGillvray tries to solve the mystery of an enigmatic professor who has died by visiting one of his closest friends, the retired writer H.G. Wells. Science-fiction mini-series starring Eve Best, Tom Ward and Katy Carmichael. (Star-21.00) FILM: The Conversation A secretive surveillance expert suspects two people he’s spying on are on a killer’s hit list, but his professional status does not allow him to warn them. Crime thriller directed by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Gene Hackman, John Cazale and Allen Garfield. (NET-24.00)