Saturday 9/10

FILM: Dennis the Menace Dennis’s parents are out of town and the impish boy has to stay with his favorite neighbors, the Wilsons, even though grumpy Mr Wilson is just looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Family comedy starring Walter Matthau, Joan Plowright and Mason Gamble. (Star-17.30) FILM: E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial Young Elliott and his friends help protect a kind-hearted alien who has lost his way from the scrutiny of adults and scientists who want to snare and study the strange and gifted being. Science-fiction family drama directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Henry Thomas, Peter Coyote and Drew Barrymore. (Antenna-14.45) FILM: Vengo A blood feud erupts between two powerful Gypsy families in Andalusia and, as the head of one family, Caco, grieves for the loss of his daughter, he comes to see that the cycle of blood must end. Flamenco-infused drama directed by Tony Gatlif, starring Antonio Canales, Orestes Villasan Rodriguez and Antonio Dechent. (In Spanish/French) (ET-1-21.00) FILM: Beloved After the American Civil War, former slave Paul D moves in with Sethe, also a former slave, who has managed to land on her feet, but his presence invokes the spirit of Beloved, a young girl Sethe had killed in the past in order to save her from the fate of life on the plantation. Drama directed by Jonathan Demme, starring Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover and Thandie Newton. (Mega-1.45)