New album defines a prolific composer

Nikos Kypourgos is one of those few Greek artists who can say that luck has been on his side ever since he took his first steps and can boast an enviable 25-year career. His earliest collaborations were with great figures such as Manos Hadjidakis and Yiannis Papaioannou, followed by a successful stint at the state broadcasting radio station’s Third Program with the series «Lilipoupolis,» and studies at the Paris Conservatory and under the wing of masters such as Max Deutch and Ianis Xenakis. To date, Kypourgos has penned the music for 42 films and television series, carried out 50 productions for the theater, and written 14 works for vocals and orchestra and over 20 albums. Despite his continuing success, Kypourgos has succeeded in staying out of the mainstream. He has never been labeled and, more importantly, has shown a knack for trying his hand at many different genres, forging through the years his own, distinctive style. His latest album, «Kipotheatro,» which has just been released on the small but prestigious Seirios label, displays just that quality. It is, in effect, a musical portrait of the composer himself, encompassing 25 years of creative efforts, whose rich material and introduction leaflet – written by Nikos Dionysopoulos – define the character of the composer. The tracks on the album are from the live performances Kypourgos gave last year at the Athens Concert Hall, along with singers Alkinoos Ioannidis, Savina Yiannatou, Maria Farandouri, Chronis Aidonidis, Lizeta Kalimeri, Doros Demosthenous and the young Nikola Floki. The album contains two CDs, «Kipotheatro» and «Cine Alsos.» The first comprises music written for the theater and a few of his songs for children, while the second contains extracts from music written for films.