Republican voters gather to watch televised debates

Katherine Papathanassiou, president of Republicans Abroad, arranged for friends of the US Republican Party in Athens to watch the presidential and vice-presidential debates between President George W. Bush and his Democrat challenger John Kerry, and Dick Cheney and John Edwards. The first and third were held at the American College, and the second at her home. So Papathanassiou recorded the debates on video and presented them later at a reasonable hour, with comments and discussion. This is the second presidential election for Katherine, who held a responsible position in the White House during the presidency of Ronald Reagan and who left that post to follow her husband, the late Pericles Papathanassiou, to Greece. Born in Dallas, Texas, to parents from the Peloponnese, Papathanassiou loves both her countries. The presidents of Democrats Abroad in Greece is Bill Kyritsis.