Kathimerini English Edition attends a summer wedding

Kathimerini’s English Edition celebrated a wedding of one its own staff members recently, a fitting end to 2004’s summer of celebrations. The bride, Theokli Kotsifaki, was radiant, with two of her lovely colleagues, Evi Arvaniti and and Marietta Anapliotou, doing the honors with the traditional wedding crowns and rings in the roles of koumbares (or «best women»). The solemnity of the religious ceremony quickly gave way to the joyful celebrations as the bride and her groom, Giorgos Valsamis, and their families, from Crete and Cephalonia respectively, joined their guests who included many of Theokli’s colleagues and their editor, Nikos Konstandaras, outside the picturesque church of Aghios Philippos in Neapoli, Nikaia. A party followed in Piraiki.