New album carries scent of a woman

As time goes by, CD launches are becoming less and less interesting to journalists. Perhaps this is due to the fact that today the majority of releases are accompanied by an entire concept for their presentation. Eventually, these turn into late-night events for the sole benefit of cameras, where fake smiles meet high society and where the guests end up as extras. A recent invitation by popular singer-songwriter Dimitra Galani on the occasion of her new album, «To S’Agapo Borei,» brought back happy memories. At the recording studio on Mesogeion Avenue, the difference was clear: A natural place was accompanied by natural behavior for this kind of event. Accordingly, in her usual natural manner, the artist introduced her new body of work and explained how members of three different generations came together in the new CD. Marianna Kriezi, Myrto Kontova and 19-year-old Stefania Harsoula worked on the lyrics while Galani subsequently created the music. In an album carrying the powerful scent of women, there are also a few men: Stavros Arapidis and Giorgos Zachariou (arrangements), members of the Rast band and classical guitar duo Stelios Golgaris and Vassilis Mastorakis. Candid Galani «Artists are like children, they are always afraid of being rejected,» said Galani following the presentation. She also cast innuendoes on the way producers work with artists today as opposed to the old days, while offering an honest opinion on the way in which the world of Greek music has been divided into factions. At a time when others choose to close their eyes, the artist spoke about naturals and mutants.