Savvopoulos joins with Margaritis, Portokaloglou

“Times are changing in our era and everybody’s got to create his or her own party,» the politically aware veteran singer-songwriter Dionyssis Savvopoulos told a news conference ahead of the launch of his latest project, «Electric Circus.» A jovial concert production, it hints at childhood innocence and a better world. The show, which opened late last week at the Kerameikos Club in Athens, takes a look at the magical world of circus from a child’s perspective. Savvopoulos co-stars with his like-minded colleague Nikos Portokaloglou as well as a singer from the Greek laiko, or popular, Greek scene, Giorgos Margaritis. Commenting on the collaboration, Savvopoulos said he felt the production’s stars had, over the years, followed parallel courses, even if this may not be obvious. «Each one of us has, in our own way, followed a certain course to discover ourselves,» said Savvopoulos, who added that he felt all three co-stars had followed similar courses at different times during their transitions from «being common to distinctive.» At the news conference, Portokaloglou, whose brand of pop-rock has enjoyed particular commercial success in recent years, appeared elated to be a part of Savvopoulos’s «Electric Circus.» «He [Savvopoulos] is the man who changed my life,» said Portokaloglou. Indeed, Savvopoulos has proved to be a pivotal figure in Portokaloglou’s life in various ways. The aspiring songwriter’s first-ever concert experience was Savvopoulos at the Kyttaro Club. Moreover, Portokaloglou met his wife at a Savvopoulos show, and, when the youngster had written his first batch of songs, he took them to Savvopoulos for advice. The merry, even euphoric, stage production features the trio both together and in solo performances, while Margaritis and his bouzouki musicians will take the latter part of the show right through to its late-night finale. The production’s director pointed out, at the news conference, that part of the show’s repertoire concerned a style of Greek song from the 1980s that was now nearing what he called classic status. Margaritis, whose popularity has enjoyed a revival in recent years, was part of that older scene, among others such as Stratos Dionysiou and Takis Mousafiris. Besides «Electric Circus,» Savvopoulos, as is customary, had much else to talk about, particularly politics, both domestic and foreign. As for the 59-year-old’s future songwriting plans, Savvopoulos said that, at present, he felt no urge for new material. «I don’t feel the need to write songs,» said Savvopoulos. «Are we committed to any contracts?» Cine Keremaikos, 58 Kerameikou & Marathonos, 210.522.2222