New art review now out

A new, bimonthly magazine on the visual arts is the most recent arrival in the field of specialized publications. Publisher Gerasimos Zarkadis and his team of collaborators, consisting of art writers and curators, have put together artime, a magazine that focuses on the visual arts but carries a broad range of subjects from the more classical and academic exhibitions to the more trendy art scene. Topics covered in the first October/November issue, which was released just a few days ago, include an essay on Mario Mertz written by Denis Zacharopoulos, a presentation of the Benaki Museum and its recent exhibitions by art historian Iris Kritikou, a review of the Henry Moore-Christos Kapralos exhibition at the National Gallery Glyptotheque written by Calliope Anagnosti, and a review of the «Monument to Now» exhibition by Thanassis Moutsopoulos. An interview with one Greek artist (this issue had Panos Kokkinias) will be a regular feature column of the magazine, as are the reviews at the back. This variety and thematic breadth is what makes the magazine of interest to a general audience, not just the specialized crowd. An English translation printed next to each Greek text also make the magazine accessible to an international public. Magazines on the visual arts have been published before (Art Magazine and Arti are the most well known in recent years) but financial difficulties caused them to shut down. Artime has been the first effort since then to create a new magazine exclusively on the visual arts. Costing 7 euros in the Greek market, it is accessible at selected kiosks, bookstores, museums and art venues.