Sunday 14/11

FILM: Training Day On his first day with an elite narcotics squad in Los Angeles, a rookie cop is partnered with a tough veteran who follows the rules of the jungle rather than police protocol. Crime action thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua, starring Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Tom Berenger. (Mega-22.45) FILM: White Men Can’t Jump Considering themselves the best basketball hustlers on their own turf, a black guy and white guy decide to join forces and hustle for big bucks. Comedy starring Wesley Snipes, Woody Harelson and Rosie Perez. (Antenna-14.40) FILM: Space Jam NBA star Michael Jordan agrees to help the Looney Tunes play against their jailers so that they can win their freedom from Moron Mountain. Family semi-animation comedy starring Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, Larry Bird and Bill Murray. (Star-17.45) FILM: Shallow Grave Three friends decide to break into their weird flatmate’s room to see where he’s disappeared to and end up running into his corpse, a bundle of cash and a huge dilemma. Film noire directed by Danny Boyle, starring Kerry Foz, Christopher Eccleston and Ewan McGregor. (NET-1.15)