Hillary tells her story in ‘Living History,’ out in Greek as well

Any book by Hillary Rodham Clinton, former US First Lady and current Democratic senator for New York, is bound to become a bestseller. Her new book, «Living History,» talks about the transformation of an ugly duckling in glasses and track suits concealing a few extra kilos into a swan, of politics, of course, and her youthful college romance with future husband Bill Clinton, the most talked-about president of the US thanks to the stain on his conduct. The 650-page Greek edition (from Sokoli Publications), translated by Ersi Karali, has many photographs of Rodham Clinton’s transformation from the studious girl at Wellesley College into a lawyer, then wife of the US president and then senator with her eye on the title of first woman president of the US. For now, George W. Bush might be entrenched in the White House, but Rodham Clinton could later have a Republican woman as her rival in the shape of new Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Conservative, dynamic and an excellent pianist, with the silhouette of a model, she has yet another advantage: She would be not only the first woman but the first black president. The Greek edition of «Living History» is already in bookshops thanks to the young publisher, Athina-Nana Sokoli. The publishing house wants to invite the author to Greece to talk about her life. Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Athens on March 29, 1996 as the guest of the then-mayor, Dimitris Avramopoulos, and gave a speech at the Zappeion Hall. Her previous books are «An Invitation to the White House,» «Dear Socks, Dear Buddy» and «It Takes a Village.»