Saturday 27/11

FILM: Bird on a Wire After helping convict a drug dealer, Rick’s new identity is blown by his persistent ex-fiancee and the bad guys, tipped off by a corrupt agent, are hot on his heels. Action romance starring Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn and David Carradine. (Star-21.00) FILM: St Patrick: The Irish Legend A young man being held captive in Ireland finds comfort in his Christian faith, escapes to England and then returns to the Emerald Isle to convert the Irish. Fantasy drama starring Patrick Bergin, Alan Bates, Susannah York and Malcolm McDowell. (Alpha-14.30) FILM: Funny Games Two young men posing as neighbors’ friends approach a family on holiday at their summer cabin, take them hostage and put them through a series of torturous trials. Thriller directed by Michael Haneke, starring Susanne Lothar, Ulrich Muehe, Arno Frische and Frank Giering. (In German) (ET-1-23.45) FILM: The Emissary In the midst of a tense and violent climate in Cape Town, a US assistant secretary is being blackmailed by the KGB, which is after a computer disc of vital national importance. Thriller starring Ted Le Plat, Terry Norton and Robert Vaughn. (ET3-0.30)