Ballet from the Bolshoi in Salonica

The State Academic Bolshoi Theater will perform extracts from popular classics at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall in a series of ballet performances which started on Saturday and end tomorrow. The program includes excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s «Nutcracker» and «Swan Lake,» Minkus’s «La Bayadere,» Riccardo Drigo’s «Ocean and Pearls,» Glinka’s «Jota Aragonese» and others. The performances staged by the world’s oldest ballet school provide Thessaloniki’s audience with a taste of the famous Russian ballet training, still very much in evidence despite modernization’s tendency toward phasing out national ballet schools. It is well known that the Russian school was highly prominent in 20th century ballet, as no other country influenced this fine art so heavily, either directly or indirectly. «Russian ballet’s supremacy is mostly the result of the training, which ensures passing on a rich tradition from one generation to another,» said dance critic Klimentini Vounelaki. Internationally acclaimed dancers such as Vladimir Malakhov, Inna Petrova and Boris Akimov graduated from the State Academic Bolshoi Theater and left their mark on the world’s most important stages. Tickets are available at the concert hall’s box office, 25th Martiou & Paralia, tel 2310.895.800.