Agamoi Thytai strikes again in Thessaloniki

The quirky Agamoi Thytai band, which first established its reputation as a music group, has diversified in an experiment to include many different types of media in its shows and it looks like the effort has paid off. Through the end of the year, the group will be playing a string of gigs at the Principal Club, located on the 17th kilometer of the Thessaloniki-Moudiana Highway in Thermi. Their new program combines various performance styles, such as that of a variety show, humorous sketches, satire, music, singing and dancing as well as a whole new set of characters, including the «godfather,» representing the dons of Greece’s underworld; the «examining committee,» which plays the role of judge and jury; the «grandmother,» whose commentary on the world’s finances includes tips on oil prices; the Romans Ieroklix and Starovelix, who attempt to prove that Romans are not as crazy as we thought, and two Italian clowns who pantomime behind the scenes and bring their own humor to the show. The performance is written and directed by Ieroklis Michailidis, who also stars alongside Dimitris Starovas, Roula Manitsanou, Stathis Pachidis, Christos Mirentzis and the Italians Luca Regina and Tino Famiani. Shows are held every Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. and Sundays at 9 p.m. to December 31.