The politics of love: Friends and lovers go from right to wrong

Two men and two women take the lead roles in Lukas Barfuss’s «Four Portraits of Love,» currently on stage at the Amore Theater. The play is a Theatro tou Notou production, directed by Yiannis Moschos. «We follow the story of two married couples who are acquainted and develop two parallel extramarital affairs,» said the director to Kathimerini. Spouses and lovers move between right and wrong, redefining their position in their relationships, while also seeking freedom. What will happen in the end? «The story is a cliche; it’s really all about how you handle it. It is about people chatting endlessly, yet who deep down cannot talk about what is really going on in their lives,» said Moschos. «They are lost in a world which denies access to communication. They are looking for love, using the wrong tools…» Though unable to explain the choice of play, the director trusts his instinct while staying clear of austere realism. What about life’s daily «portraits of love»? «I think we all go through similar situations in our personal lives. I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m now just a little over 30 and I’m going through an age crisis. My feeling is that instead of facing a bridge, I’m actually facing a wall…» At the Amore Theater, the cast is led by Cleon Grigoriadis, along with Despina Kourti, Dioni Kourtaki, Antonis Karystinos and Constantinos Papachronis. Amore Theater, 10 Prigiponison, Polygono, tel 210.646.8009.