Adventure of form

Without a doubt, «Ptychoseis: Folds and Pleats – Drapery from Ancient Greece to 21st Century Fashion» ranks as a prime candidate for exhibition of the year. Curator Vassilis Zidianakis’s almost surprising initial focus, on pleats in drapery, gradually evolved into ambitious and alluring spectacle, or narration, focused on fashion. Comprising well-balanced aspects, including description, comparison, tradition, modernity, thought, history, and ethnology, the exhibition added up to a deeper look at beauty as a symbol of vanity. In the past, we’ve seen shows dedicated to fashion by museums the caliber of the Metropolitan in New York City, but this multifaceted Athenian effort may have surpassed all previous efforts. Quite simply, «Ptychoseis» offered beauty and sent visitors on a timeless journey with form as its subject. The exhibition’s excellence serves as a model for future shows and, moreover, raises expectations.