Wednesday 5/1

FILM: Puccini Director Tony Palmer uses the plot of Puccini’s opera «Turandot» and interweaves it with a story about the Puccini family and the occurrences during the Scottish National Opera’s staging of the same opera. Drama starring Robert Stephens, Virginia McKenna, Bill Fraser and Peter Woodthorpe. (Vouli-19.00) FILM: Shadow Run Professional heist-man Haskell is on a job to rob a security van but his plans start to unravel when he suspects that someone on the team may be double-crossing him. Action adventure starring Michael Caine, James Fox and Leslie Grantham. (ET3-22.00) FILM: Waking the Dead An aspiring politician on the fast track to the top finds his campaign faltering when the past comes back to haunt him in the form of his long lost love, whom he had presumed dead. Drama thriller starring Billy Crudup, Jennifer Connelly and Molly Parker. (Mega-1.00) FILM: Cafe Society A flaky 1950s New York playboy is framed for running a prostitution racket by a crooked cop. Social drama starring Frank Whaley, Lara Flynn Boyle, Peter Gallagher and Anna Levine. (Alpha-1.30)