Sunday 9/1

FILM: Madeline Madeline is the youngest of the girls in a Paris orphanage but she’s also the smartest, so when they’re about to lose their shelter it is up to her to come up with a plan. Family adventure starring Frances McDormand, Nigel Hawthorne and Hatty Jones. (Mega-14.50) FILM: Hocus Pocus Three sister witches return from the past and take on the mortal world, but a boy who was turned into a black cat is not about to let them get their way. Family fantasy adventure starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi. (Antenna-14.40) FILM: Blue Streak A goofy ex-con poses as a cop so that he can hustle back a diamond he had stolen before he was locked up. Crime comedy starring Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson and Peter Greene. (Mega-23.15) FILM: The Gingerbread Man A hotshot Georgia lawyer becomes embroiled in a messy case against a sect when he falls for a waitress whose father is harassing her. Crime thriller directed by Robert Altman, starring Kenneth Branagh, Embeth Davidtz, Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jr and Daryl Hannah. (Star-1.00) FILM: Les Mille et une Nuits Over 1,001 nights, Scheherezade meets all the great heroes and kings, and is helped on her journey by a genie who’s living in 1990s London. Fantasy drama starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gerard Jugnot, Stephane Freiss, Thierry Lhermitte and Vittorio Gassman. (In French) (NET-16.00)