Radio station celebrates with commemorative CD

The Volos radio station of Greek Broadcasting’s Thessaly Network is currently marking its 56th year and is celebrating its birthday with a commemorative CD. An interesting, polished edition, it includes rare recordings of Greek folk music and songs interpreted by prominent local groups with a long history in the field. Old recordings that were produced at the station years ago, they are a precious part of the station’s archive. According to station director Alkisti Kiousi, the CD aims to help in the preservation of Greece’s musical-poetic treasures, especially in order to pass them on to the next generation. Literature professor Christos G. Kalantzis was in charge of the CD and the accompanying text – a 123-page Greek-English booklet offering information, visual material, lyrics and comments on each track, a rarity in modern-day recordings. The CD is also exciting in terms of the featured musicians, all of them popular not only in Thessaly, but to all those following traditional Greek music. They include Vaios Malliaras, Dimitris Sorovolas, Manolis Papageorgiou, Theocharis Pandidis, Thanassis Pavlou and Yiannis Tsikonis, among others.