Farewell and welcome do at the home of the Egons

There was a crush of diplomats at the party Nicholas and Matti Egon gave at their home-cum-art gallery on Jan. 10 in honor of outgoing Dutch Ambassador Paul Brower and his wife Karen, who were renowned for the events they held at their residence, and incoming UK Ambassador Simon Gass and his wife Marianne. Gass began working at the Athens Embassy as a political adviser in 1984. In 1986, the couple’s son Christopher was born here and the family jokes about whether he will have to do his military service in Greece. In the photo, the new ambassador is flanked by ambassadors who served at the Greek Embassy in London. Present were the ambassadors of Sweden, Italy, Germany, Israel, Japan, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Lebanon, Kuwait, India, Switzerland, Canada, Slovakia, Argentina and Hungary, new Belgian Ambassador Peter Moor and his wife Cecile, new Austrian Ambassador Herbert Ricardes and his wife Magiso Normasy as well as Greek diplomats and notables. «Only tell us good news in your perfect Greek,» is our wish to the tall British ambassador with the ready smile.