Bokomolech come out of hiding with new material

Not a frequent live performer these days, Bokomolech, one of the capital’s more telling alternative rock acts, returns to the stage this Saturday at the Ston Aera club in western Athens. The English-language band had broken an extended spell of silence last summer as the opening act for British rock diva PJ Harvey, but then went back into hiding. Bokomolech, which had ventured out to Chicago several years ago to record an album with the US city’s renowned sound engineer Steve Albini – a prolific figure whose collaborations have included working with the Pixies on their debut album «Surfer Rosa» as well as Australian violin-led trio the Dirty Three for their wonderful «Ocean Songs» album – will present material from their most recent release «Exit: Trance,» older work, as well as current unreleased ideas still taking shape. The evening will get under way with Delightful & Silver Spoon Valley, a new Athens-based band currently exploring paths, as the opening act. Ston Aera is located in the main square in Petroupolis. Showtime is 10.30 p.m.