Hard Rock in Athens

Athens is now an official member of the global Hard Rock Cafe family. Situated in the heart of the city near Syntagma Square, the new venue joins an international chain of theme restaurants – more than 115 in 44 countries – featuring American cuisine classics and a serious rock’n’roll mood. Similarly to its siblings, the highlight of Hard Rock Cafe Athens is a powerful collection of memorabilia. Currently on display are an Ozzy Osbourne jacket, an Elvis Presley jacket, a John Lennon tie, a George Michael manuscript featuring the lyrics of «Faith,» a black top that belonged to Madonna, a Michael Jackson shirt, a Janet Jackson jacket, a pink jacket worn by Prince in the film «Purple Rain,» a pair of trousers from Jimmy Hendrix’s personal collection and a pair of boots worn by Britney Spears. Besides viewing, there’s dining and the menu here includes classics such as Pig sandwiches, traditional bacon cheeseburgers, grilled fajitas, homemade nachos, hot fudge brownies and apple cobblers. Also available are the chain’s familiar logo T-shirts, teddy bears, jean jackets, caps and an assortment of other accessories. Hard Rock history For the record, the first ever Hard Rock Cafe was established by two Americans, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, in London in 1971. At the time, it was a place to enjoy American food and rock music. When one of the regulars asked if he could hang his instrument on the wall – to mark his favorite stool – the owners received their first item of memorabilia. It turned out to be Eric Clapton’s guitar and was soon followed by Pete Townsend of the Who, who also sent along a guitar. Today the chain owns a collection of more than 60,000 pieces, items that travel the world, rotating from one HRC to the next. Besides restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, the chain nowadays also reaches Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai.