Sunday 23/1

FILM: My Father the Hero A divorced Frenchman takes his teenage daughter on vacation and, in order to get closer to her and make her happy whatever the cost, goes along with a string of crazy stories she makes up to impress a boy. Romantic comedy starring Gerard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl, Dalton James and Lauren Hutton. (Antenna-14.40) FILM: Man of the House Young Ben goes to all sorts of extremes to drive a wedge between his mom and her new, serious boyfriend, but an adventure inevitably drives them closer together. Comedy starring Chevy Chase, Farrah Fawcett and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (Mega-14.50) FILM: Enter the Dragon A martial arts expert is recruited to infiltrate a drug operation under the guise of taking part in an invitational competition sponsored by the one-handed crime boss. Martial arts action adventure starring Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Kien Shih. (Star-17.30) FILM: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Two wise warrior on a quest for a sacred sword that has been stolen by a wily thief encounter a skilled young woman who made hide the key to their investigation. Award-winning Chinese fantasy action adventure directed by Ang Lee, starring Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Zivi and Chang Chen. (Mega-23.00)