New Acropolis Museum about to finally surface

The construction of the new Acropolis Museum is gradually going ahead and it seems that by Easter, the building’s main structure will have risen above the ground. Meanwhile, an exhibition will go on display in London over the next few months, digitally demonstrating the process of conservation of the west frieze sculptures. That was what the Organization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum discussed at its recent meeting at the Weiler building, which Deputy Minister of Culture Petros Tatoulis also attended. Tatoulis was filled in on the progress of construction work and gave instructions on the next steps to be taken. According to Tatoulis, the museum’s main priority is quality, but so is keeping within deadlines (though not at the expense of quality). He also stressed that all procedures are legal and that work has been accelerated, although a one-month delay has been noted (not for the first time, since the museum’s construction has been bogged down in incredible delays and other difficulties for years). The deputy minister was given a guided tour around the construction site by the organization’s president, Dimitris Pantermalis. He inspected the works which are still at foundation level and repeated that the work must be done properly. There was also a mention of the upcoming London exhibition, which will take place in the context of the request for the Parthenon Marbles currently housed in the British Museum. This will be in fact the new Ministry of Culture’s first action for the Marbles. The ministry’s position on their return is «maintaining a low-key position and handling matters delicately.» Amid statements he made regarding the works taking place on the Acropolis, Tatoulis recently underscored that the Greek state will provide as much money as necessary for an undertaking of such importance. «Because we have been entrusted with public money by the Greek people, in order to make the best use of it for the country’s well-being, we need good planning, so we can tell the people how much every work costs,» he said, adding that the works on the Acropolis are of major significance.