Art happenings around Athens

In a few days time, people strolling along the capital’s streets will be treated to several art happenings in the city’s pedestrian zones, the Culture Ministry’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS) decided last week. Apostolou Pavlou Street, among others, will host a small exhibition promoting an ecological spirit by featuring three human figures and three trees, all made out of recycled aluminium and all two meters tall. At the city’s most prominent pedistrian spot, Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens high school students will display their paintings. Meanwhile, next to the Kerameikos archaeological site, graffiti fans will be able to admire the works that young artists are currently preparing on the wall of the trolley bus (ILPAP) depot on Pireos Street, after KAS responded positively to the ILPAP administration’s request to adorn the depot wall with graffiti art. The council also approved the organization of a wider cultural festival by the Clean Greece environmental non-profit organization, which has turned the ECOfestival into an institution. Thodoros Papayiannis, a professor at the School of Fine Arts, will supervise the sculptures on display this year at the junction of Poulopoulou and Apostolou Pavlou streets between May 15 and 29. From June 2-8, students from around Athens will present their installations, paintings and collages on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, as part of the events organized by the Municipality’s Organization of Youth and Sports. Cultural Center In other news from KAS, after many problems and delays, the cultural center at Irakleio will finally be built. The Central Archaeological Council approved the study but asked for milder interventions on the building’s outdoor areas. The future construction, which will take up almost two blocks, will contain halls for theater performances and conferences, a sculpture gallery and four underground garages. Tassos Biris and Panayiotis Kokkoris, who carried out the architectural study, said the center has been planned with alternative parking just in case antiquities turn up during the construction. Biris and Kokkoris also said a traffic survey is ready and has been already submitted. «We want to show off the walls,» said Irakleio Mayor Yiannis Kourakis, who seems determined to cover part of the work’s budget, which comes to 32 million euros. However, some citizens’ groups have expressed concern because the building is being planned in an already densly populated neighborhood.