Leading minds to offer ideas on how to improve the world

A two-day conference in Paris next week will celebrate the power of the mind in improving world affairs. The Seventh Olympiad of the Mind will commence at the city’s Senate and UNESCO headquarters on May 21 and 22 respectively. The Olympiad will bring together several of the world’s leading minds, including scholars and Nobel laureates. The 15 speakers will address issues around theme «Improving Global Welfare and Security via Communication.» The International STEPS Foundation – the acronym stands for Science, Technology, Economics and Politics for Society – organized the event. Established in 1970, STEPS is based in Hania, Crete, and has hosted 19 scientific conferences and six Olympiads. In Paris this year, the speakers will offer their perspectives on how communication technologies and information systems can help solve problems such as world poverty, illiteracy and unemployment and aid in development and security issues. Speakers include Dr Leon Lederman, Nobel laureate and former director of the US Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; Dr Yuan T. Lee, Nobel laureate and president of the Academy of Sciences in Taiwan; Professor Yves Quere, co-chair of the Inter Academy Panel and a member of the French Academy of Sciences; and Tam Dalyell, a member of the UK House of Commons and rector of Edinburgh University. For more information, contact the International STEPS Foundation at 28210.27127, 6979.786.106 (until May 15) or 6947.653.668, 6939.278.877 (from May 16 to May 24). You may also log on to