Comics fans are drawn to Mytilene

omics buffs are in for a treat this weekend as the island of Lesvos hosts the First International Comics Conference, running from tomorrow to Sunday. Titled «Shades of Infinite Worlds: Comics and the Fantastic,» the event comprises exhibitions, lectures, round-table discussions, concerts, film screenings and a lot of general hobnobbing aimed at bringing together artists, aficionados and art theorists. Highlights include an exhibition of original works by Greek comics artists, highlighting local trends and emerging talents, as well as an exhibition on three significant international comics artists: Brian Bolland («Judge Dredd,» «Camelot 3000,» «Batman: The Killing Joke»), Bryan Talbot («Luther Arkwright,» «Sandman,» «The Tale of One Bad Rat») and Jeff Smith («Bone»). The lecture and a discussion series – on subjects such as «Cosmogonies,» «Rhapsodies for Insiders and Beginners,» «Interpreting the Conundrums» and «Parallel Worlds» – aim at addressing different interpretations of the comics medium, explaining the historical background of the genre and analyzing well-known works via different perspectives. As entertainment, organizers have also put together concerts at the Medieval Castle of Mytilene and a string of parties on the coastal strip. The event has been organized by the Iconotopia group and the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean. The First International Comics Conference will take place at the new building of the Archaeological Museum of Mytilene. For information, tel 22510.366.18.