Series of concerts planned with Athens Municipality’s music ensembles

An alliance between the Athens Concert Hall and Athens Municipality’s music ensembles promises to add new impetus to the local music sene. «We salute this development with a great amount of satisfaction,» says Nikos Tsouchlos, who runs the Athens Concert Hall’s program. «They are a valuable ally for our mission. In other European countries, such as Germany, for instance, municipal authorities are vehicles of culture. Through this opening, the Municipality of Athens is stating its desire to contribute to cultural life.» Under the artistic direction of Nikos Christodoulou, Athens Municipality’s music ensembles include a Symphony Orchestra and Choir, a Big Band (Greece’s only jazz orchestra) and the Greek Music Workshop. Both the symphony orchestra and the Big Band have developed a series of teaching activities through concerts and seminars in schools and universities. «Athens Municipality’s ensembles are the sound of the city we live in,» says Takis Chrisikakos, in charge of the orchestras. «A decisive step is being made today. They are offered permanent hospitality in the kind of place which every ensemble dreams of.» A series of concerts already under way, will end on Tuesday, May 31 at the Athens Concert Hall.