Stylish and tasty French aperitifs

The working day is over and a great evening lies head. Best way to start it? With an aperitif, no doubt. As finger food constantly gains ground – it’s easier, quicker and friendlier – the French are keen to show that the aperitif can be a truly stylish experience. French finger food and drinks take over Athens next week as «L’Aperitif a la Francaise» takes place for the first time in Greece on June 2. Organized by Sopexa, a communications agency promoting the French food and drink industry globally, the event is taking place simultaneously in 31 cities in 22 countries. In London, Dublin, Budapest, Lisbon, Moscow, New York, Chicago, Beijing, New Delhi and Dubai, the organizers promise to demonstrate that French products are not necessarily only on the expensive and exclusive end. Part of a rich culinary tradition, the French aperitif incorporates flavors and aesthetics. What’s on the aperitif menu? Meat (both cured and cooked), cheese, vegetables, seafood, baked goods, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Round the city Demonstrating the art of the aperitif, 50 Athenian establishments carrying the «Aperitif a la Francaise» sign will welcome diners with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. At the same time, free drinks and appetizers will be available at Psyrri’s main square. Under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, this event will also include theater and music acts. A variety of local businesses are joining in the culinary fun with members of staff enjoying a 15-minute break in order to taste various French delicacies. Meanwhile, French products will also be promoted at a number of Carrefour outlets around Attica. For more info on «L’Aperitif a la Francaise,» log on and