‘The Prelast of the Monikins’ performed in Anglican church

“A Play Without a Beginning and Without an End,» is the subtitle of the monologue by Paris Takopoulos, citizen of the world, writer, humorist, associate of Kathimerini in the period following the fall of the junta and a generous supporter of the arts and theater. All those who had the opportunity to see «The Prelast of the Monikins,» performed by Nikos Kalamo at St Paul’s Anglican Church on Filellinon Street were enthused by the performance, staged at the initiative of Reverend Canon Malcolm Bradshaw under the aegis of British Ambassador Simon Gass. The play was performed in Greek last year at the New Hellenic Theater of George Armenis, once again by Nikos Kalamo, creator of the Theatrico Phytorio Aeginae and student of Stella Adler, with whom he studied in New York for seven years. This time, the monologue was performed twice, on May 23 and 24, in an English version by Takopoulos especially for the Theatrico Phytorio’s appearance at the Edinburgh Festival in the last week of August. The performance was well received by both Britons and Greeks in the audience, including British Ambassador Simon Gass and his wife Marianna, the director of the British Council Desmond Lauder and his wife, the directors Stelios Pavlidis and Theodoros Espiritou, businessmen Evangelos Sahperoglou, one of the best translators of C.P. Cavafy, Professor Stavros Deligiorgis, the writer Yiannis Patsis, the translator of Yiannis Ritsos, Gerard Pierrat, and his wife Barbara Pierrat who is a famous French sculptor, the anthologist and critic Stantis Apostolidis and the former Times correspondent in Greece Mario Modiano.