Deskati photographs illuminate Greek history

More and more photo archives are shedding light on the history of this country. A rich collection of rare visual material was unveiled to the public recently, showing life in Deskati – a small mountain town in the Grevena prefecture. «Two Weddings, Two Funerals and More – Deskati Through the Lens of Giorgios Goudoulas, 1927-1957,» is the title of an exhibition organized by the Ilias Alexiou Deskati Photography Archive, on display at the town’s junior school. The show has photos by Goudoulas, the area’s unique photographer. Ilias Alexious, who became the region’s sole photographer in 1958, salvaged the material. «Professional photographers, especially in villages and small towns, were the only ones who had the knowledge and the authority to photograph people, celebrations, funerals, important events and everyday life,» says Costas Antoniadis, an associate photography professor. «So, it is hardly surprising when visitors from the area come here and see pictures of their ancestors for the very first time.»