Megaron woos young audience with Hadjidakis concert series

A series at the Athens Concert Hall’s recently opened wing, the Atrium of Muses, will be launched tonight and tomorrow with a tribute to the late composer Manos Hadjidakis. Both shows will be performed by singer Elli Paspala and the tremendously popular Patras-based pop-rock band Raining Pleasure, which recently released its version of Hadjidakis’s «Reflections» album, originally released in 1969 with the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble. The repertoire will include material off various Hadjidakis albums, including «Magnus Eroticus,» «The Era of Melissanthe,» «The Ballads of Athena Street» and «Reflections.» The venue’s Atrium of Muses series was introduced last year as part of a wider effort to attract young people to the Athens Concert Hall, or Megaron Mousikis. The series, which runs through September 14, also includes performances by popular singer Manolis Lidakis on September 1 and 2; Greek soprano Sonia Theodoridou with songs by Hadjidakis and Astor Piazolla on September 10 and 11; and two evenings dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis, featuring Nena Venetsanou and Giorgos Theodorakis, on September 13 and 14.